Intensification or residential living in our towns and cities should be considered in today’s economic climate.  We have gained strong support for intensification from businesses and community.  Talk with us if you are wanting more vibrancy in your CBD.



Commercial property is a significant asset to our CBDs when attractive and well utilised, generating revenue for owners and contributing to the CBD vitality and sense of place.

There have been a number of difficulties for commercial property including the Building Amendment Act 2016 which raised building standards after the Christchurch Earthquake. More recently, Covit-19 has accelerated the idea of remote work. Offices in our cities are already feeling the effects of this with businesses looking to downsize space, not staff and with some staff preferring to work from home.  Read more ...

There are a range of opportunities towards reuse of commercial property including some which may be currently occupied.  Residential development is an obvious option as a start.


BIDS - A Winning Result for All Stakeholders

Building CBD business capacity, local economy, car parking strategies, built environment, brand validity, relevance.


Business Improvement Districts originated in North America focused on improving economies in central business districts.  The structure of a BID provides self-funding for a business association which enables CBD business sectors to engage with their local authority on strategic issues.  This provides financial and resource gain for the local authority and also faster economic results for businesses from a strategic collaborative relationship.

Strategic or action planning for a BID identifies key issues which will take the local economy forward and also show exactly how objectives can be achieved. Often raised contentious issues for CBDs include car parking, opening hours, functionality, business capacity, relationships.  Some of these and more will be key issues for most CBD’s. Sometimes focus on these fundamental issues can distract from the bigger picture.



Positive working relationships are essential to achieve major strategic goals for our town and city centres. It is critical for any organisation managing public funds that structure and governance are regularly reviewed.  A BID which engages with it’s members and also key people in the local authority with good will, has a better chance of success.



We have case studies to improve local economies. These include job creation, business creation, building business capacity, regional tourism, energy efficiency, improving business standards, tourism trails, identifying new tourism product, clusters, improving not for profit performance, relationship building between business and local authorities, raising interest in provincial economies



For more information on the work we did in Howick follow the link below.


A 1999 survey identified a decline in Takapuna of foot traffic between 25-35% over the previous year. There were also a large number of vacant commercial spaces with $2 and sex shops tenanting what had previously been top quality street locations.


Establishing a BID and strategic planning identified opportunities for business clustering underpinned by strong brand development of a light marine and recreation strategy.


Today, Takapuna Beach CBD is thriving.

The planning process also identified opportunities for collaboration on tourism development.


The Takapuna Boating Club is a long-established club situated on Takapuna Beach. The traditional relationships between the boating club and the Takapuna Beach BA have assisted with the securing of the World Youth Yachting Championships for Takapuna Beach. This resulted in 90 yachties with 60 of those being international yachties and their families coming to North Shore.

Good structure, strategic planning and governance can turn struggling town and city centres around. A good Business Improvement District (BID) can facilitate that outcome.


For more information on the development of the Greymouth CBD restoration plan follow the link below.



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