A Real Success

Howick Village was in serious decline before becoming a BID. The idea of paying extra rates to fund a Business Association was anathema to businesspeople who believed they contributed the most rates in their city so paying more was abhorrent.
The idea though was adopted. At the time, the support level to achieve a BID in Auckland City was over 65% support. Businesses though could see no other option. Located with its back to the sea, Howick has access by two arterial roads, both have major malls for shoppers to get past to get to Howick.
The targeted rate was adopted however and a key to the success of Howick Village was the early strategic planning which was undertaken with a focus on all stakeholders. According to Paul Spiller, Chair of Howick Village the strategic plan resulted in approximately $23m of commercial property improvements including the local library being purchased and developed. Residential development of apartments and mixed-use happened.
One of the keys to the success of Howick Village was the Town Centre Manager, Louise van Kampfort.  Louise was an original thinker and an excellent communicator. Responsible for dreaming up “A Taste of Africa” and other original initiatives.