Desktop Review of Mainstreet Programmes- Tauranga City Council

It was an interesting exercise recently, undertaking a Desktop Review of four Mainstreet projects for Tauranga City Council. The brief required us to focus solely on Agreements between council and the Mainstreets and reporting by the Mainstreets showed gaps.  We prefer talking directly with projects but with this exercise did find some gaps and were able to offer other models of what we considered better options. 

Tokoroa CBD 2022 and Beyond

ITokoroa Motorcycles and is a long-established busines with international and local contacts.  Owner Robin Atkins has in the past ensured major motorcycle and other events in Tokoroa. I'll get more pics of bikes and lodge them on this website.  A very interesting business.

Tokoroa Town Centre with the new public toilets. We are enjoying being back building on previous work engaging with businesses to develop a new Tokoroa CBD Business Association.  There are many issues which have changed the functionality of our traditional towns and cities. We will be looking to establish a strong, collaborative BA that has a forward and strategic focus.

The impacts of big-box retail and more recently online shopping and Covid-19 is fundamentally changing our towns and cities. What can we do about it? This course addresses this topic.



A significant attraction to Matamata Town Centre. By artist and sculpture Adrian Worsley of Te Aroha, the work is made up of old farm implements and tools and scrap metal. The jockey is fashioned on Champion Lance O'Sullivan and is made of copper hot water cylnders. It is a huge attraction with people marvelling at it. Keep Matamata Beautiful were the initiators, the cost $250k with many in the community chipping in. Expand the pic to see the tools.

 Bernard Hickey's View - Economic Opinion

Bernard Hickey's view on the new plan to unravel Capitalism's "doom loop"